Monday, December 19, 2005

me experiencing the dangers of snow on the way to the blue ridge mountains. Posted by Picasa
me riding in the blue ridge mountains Posted by Picasa
beautiful waterfall from tellico in NC. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Acting Class and such

Well went back to class last night. I say went back because I missed the whole month of November. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed going. My teacher said I did good with my activity lesson. He also said that I need to work on being specific. Which I do. We did dirty santa and that was fun. Afterwards, we went to applebees's. That is Kathy and I did and chatted. I love that woman. She is an amazing person and friend.

Getting ready to go on our NC trip. That will be fun. I just hope that it doesn't snow until we get there and that it melts before we head home. Look for photos later.

Busy time for me right now. Lots of things going on. I want probalbly post until next week due to our trip.


Monday, December 12, 2005

Our new addition Maggie. She is a 10 week old beagle Posted by Picasa
This is my screensaver. My 10 year old daughter took this photo at the local wilderness area. Posted by Picasa

Busy, Busy, The holidays are here !!!!!!!

Well, the holidays are here in full swing. Craziness going on in retail during the holidays. People are so funny. I am going to be working Christmas eve. That will be fun. I will have to work from 7 till 5 probably. That will be fun times.At least I get to be off on Christmas Day and New years weekend.

We will be going out of town this weekend to N. C. to visit with Eric's dad and step mother. We are going to a resort. Fontana Damn village resort. It will be very outdoors type stuff. Hopefully we will see a little snow. Just a little though.

We have been getting used to our little puppy dog. She is a mess. The potty thing is working well. She is somewhat house broken. She has started going to the door sometimes when she has to go. If we can just get over the biting stage. I will post a photo soon. Mia is adjusting to her. She hates her and that is it. lol. Mia is our pug. So now we have a beagle and a pug.

Well that is an update and now it is off to bed.