Sunday, July 31, 2005

please don't make me eat anymore. please please i beg you

That is the way I feel for sure. I feel like i way 1 ton.

It was a great weekend. Eric took off Friday to spend the day with me for my birthday. He is so sweet. He suprised me by scheduling us a 1 hour massage at Decatur Massage Theraphy. Go there you will not be disappointed. Then we did some running around. Then we went to eat at the jazz factory. Very nice dinner, great atmosphere, great live quintet music. After dinner, we headed over the the flying monkey, very artsey warehouse. Their was a classical guitarist and a well renowned percussionist playing some latin music. It was super cool for sure. Then we caught up with Scott, Jeremey, allison, derek, and rob. We headed over to Scott's to hang out and be goofy.

Saturday, we got up and headed out to Huntsville. We ran some errands first, then to humphries for a nice lunch. then to the tatoo convention. (See Eric's blog for his comments) I found it very intresting. There were so many different people there. There were people who didn't know anything about tatoo's to people who were tatoo'd all over. I was amazed at the art and gained a new respect for tatoo artist. Someone came up to me and say I want this on my arm, It would take me a lifetime to draw it. This guy whips it up in like 1 minute. Crazy stuff. Crazy. It was pretty amazing until the wiggles concert let out and parents brought their young children in there with their captian feathersword's sword. Kids were like eeew that is ugly eewww look at her hair that is weird. Just craziness.

One thing that really got to me is how people just get a tatoo for no reason. One lady goes up to this guy who is like Johnny Depp of the tatoo world and says, I had a hankering to get a tatoo and I don't want to spend a lot, I want something small right here and proceeds to show her left boob (no nipple). the artist said well what do you want to get their and how big do you want it? she goes I don't know what do you think? he quotes her and she walks away. Crazy. If I was going to get something inked on my body. I would have to have more than a hankoring. If I am going to carry this ink around with me until the day I die, it will be well thought out and I will not get some stupid meaningless tatoo. enough said. It was a cool refreshing artsey weekend needless to say.

After that, we headed to best buy to look at some stuff. Then to mcallistar's to get tea and eat cheesecake. It was great, until we started to leave and the bottom fell out. It rained and rained and rained and finally we said screw it lets go. we ran to the car and headed to meet up with scott, allison, jeremey, and derek. after a while we all went to eat and then headed to scott's to hang. e and I came home and headed to bed.

The girls came home and then it was to church to see dave get his head shaved my high priest eric. then again to mavis for another birthday feast. After that came home took a nap. The girls and eric woke me up to give me another gift from them. Mom and dad came by and brought me money and the girls had mom buy me a candle smells good.

My sister wanted to take me to olive garden for my birthday, I told her I didn't want to go. I can't believe I used to eat like this all of the time. My god no wonder i felt like crap all of the time. I dont' know what we will do instead.

Church was good this morning. I enjoyed the worship. It sounded wonderful with the keys up there.

Tomrrow I will wake up and will have spent 34 full year and start 35. All I can say is that if the next 35 years are as good as the past 35, I can't wait for the ride especially if eric is by my side.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Another year

Almost another year older. Monday I will be 35. It sound crazy even saying that because I still feel 8 or something. I had a conversation with a friend of mine and we both agreed that we are still and will always be young.

Good new is, I have 2 auditions coming up. One movie is going to be filmed in Birmingham. The other will be filmed in California. I am trying not to get hung up on landing the role and focus on prepartion for the audition. This will be my first real movie audition. The one for B-town will be on Tuesday. The other will be in a couple of weeks. I just want to have a good time doing my audition that way if I don't get the part, I still had fun. I don't want to tense up and get all freaky on myself about it. I am constantly trying to kill the competive spirit within. heee heee . All those sports I played in school.

Hopefully, blogging will become a regular thing for me soon. With school starting back and all of that. We will not actually start back until September 6 I think it is. Oh the benifit of homeschooling. We may start a week early I haven't decided yet.

My nieces will start 3k this year. I can't believe they are that big.

I took Holly and Heidi shopping for school clothes this week. Scored some great deals at Dillards. Got like 20 pieces of clothing for under $200 dollars. That is crazy for quality clothing.

Eric already gave me the best birthday present ever. He took today off to spend it with me. He has planned out the day for my birthday. Fun times WILL be had. The kids are at the lake all weekend. They will come home Sunday morning. I don't have to work until Monday night. Life is grand. Well must get on to the celebrating.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

busy at work

It has been a past couple of busy days. Work is crazy with all the school shopping and no regular cashiers scheduled, so guess who the cashier is. I look foward to Tuesday. Got to practice. cooking dinner and going to watch once upon a time in mexico.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Back in the saddle, hopefully.

After much swimming, we are done with summer swim. It was fun, but busy. I don't know I love all that mommy stuff.

My sister in law just left and headed back to California. She seems to be happier, now she is there and doing law school. I am happy for her.

I have been getting some bites on my acting stuff. Hopefully I will be hearing to do some screen test in a couple of shorts pretty soon.

The kids and i have been doing the library thing lately. The summer reading program. Who did that when they where little. If you want a childhood memory, dial a story 256-350-2011.

Acting class is saving me a bunch of money in theraphy. hee hee.

I am very happy for my hubby as well, he is officially in Nail. That is a band. Good for him. I am very happy about that. He deserves something good to happen to him. His life has not been the easiest and Good things need to be coming around for him.

What else, Gosh so much so little time to write. We have swim at 9 in the morning. Unlike Eric, I will be glad when it goes back to the afternoon.

Well that is all I can think of must go to bed.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


We as Christians are feeding the world the wrong message. We tell them that if they get saved it will all be better. I heard someone say this week. That when you except Christ you get fiery furnaces, lions dens, time in the dessert. Yes there are those sweet moments, but their are the sour one to.

I am reminded of an article that I received in one of my wedding gifts. It discussed mountaintop experiences. How we must push on in difficult times because going up the mountain is difficult, but we can't quit because the mountain peak may just be a couple more steps away.