Thursday, March 15, 2007

Does anyone even use this anymore?

As I have been out of the blogging lupe for several months, I come to find that several new things have developed, my space and some other blog form. Well for now, give me blogger or give me blogger death. lol. My life has been nuts, but good. Where to begin. I guess School.

School has been crazy amazing. I have learned so much about myself, the world, and God. He is holding my hand through all of my schooling and my life as always. I have about a B average in all of my classes, which is good for me. I am close to an A in one of my classes. We will se if I can pull an A out. Regardless, things are great and God deserves the glory for showing himself to me on a daily basis.

Moving is the next thing. Eric and I decided to move to Madison, Al for several reasons. Mainly to get close to the things we love. Our new church, acting, music and life. We have almost moved completely.

Acting is still on. I am in love with that craft, gift more now than ever. I have learned so much about myself recently doing improv classes with Eugene Banks. He is an awesome amazing actor. He is a great teacher. I have done several movies and had several auditions. Fun stuff. I am in a movie on the Lot (Stephen Spielburg reality show.

Teaching is so much fun this semester. I am teaching Film and Improv. Fun times with the both classes.

God is definitely showing himself true to me and making me understand soo much about myself and others.