Monday, November 29, 2004

Work, Work, Work

Wow, I really have a job now. I have to work a total of 32 hours this week. The blogging will probably be minimal for me this week. I have tons to do. and I have to work everyday but Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Should be an intresting week.

Friday, November 26, 2004

The Last Thankful Post

I am thankful for the 50% off scratch ticket that I got at goody's this morning. yeah!!!!! That was freaking awesome. I am also thankful that I didn't get my DVD player from Sears. You win some you lose some. no problem. I am thankful that I had to work tonight. Mavis house was a very unbearable place to be I am told.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Being Thankful 5

Today, I will be thanful for friends and aquaintences.

I Samuel 20
16 So Jonathan made a covenant with the house of David, saying, Let the LORD even require it at the hand of David's enemies.
17 And Jonathan caused David to swear again, because he loved him: for he loved him as he loved his own soul.

In my lifetime, I have met few Jonathans, but I have managed to meet a few. I have one person that I am very thankful for and that is my friend Phylisha. She is like a Jonathan. It is sad that I don't spend more time with her than I do. I love her very much. She has loved me no matter what and we have both took an oath to always love one another.

Then there are friends that you meet in sections of your life. You may not keep up with them, but at that moment they have your back. I am thankful for those friends that try to understand me for what I am. They love me for me. They don't like me at there convience, nor do they try to change me to make them comfortable. They just love me for me. I am not going to make a list of you guys. You know who you are, and I love ya thanks for being my friend.

Then there are the quaintences these are people that just hang out with ya because you happen to be in the same circle they are in or you speak to on a weekly basis. I am thankful for them as well. It is nice to have a huge amount of people that you know will be there if ya need them.

All in all relationships are important, I am very thankful for any relationship that I am a part of.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Being Thankful 4

Today I was thanful for Family. I have been blessed all my life to be raised in believin in God by my parents. I am thankful for all of my family. my sister, whom I love dearly and brother in law and grandparents and nieces. They are precious. I have been blessed with another family that I married into. I have great in laws. Great sister and brother in law. In my description, I say that I live the fairy tale and it is even true down to family.

I can't say that there are not problems in my family, but thee is love there. When your famuly you must accept one another. No one gets left behind.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Being Thanikful 3

I am thankful for my kids. I have two beautiful girls. They are both pretty inside and out. I never could imagine being a mother could be so rewarding and wonderful. It is nice to be the mother of tmy girls. I stay on them all the time, but they are pretty good kids most of the time. They are both very unique in their own special way. God has taught me so much by having children. These 2 life lessons are worth every bit of pain I ever experienced.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Being Thankful 2

I am thankful for the most wonderful man in the whole wide world. I love him so much. He is the most passionate person that I know. He also has beautiful eyes. I look through them and see his inner soul. He is the most intresting person in the world to me. He has wonderful thoughts and ideas. Yes, he has his faults to, but the good things out weigh his faults beyond measure. He is my companion, He is my lover, He is everything I could ever want in a soul mate. My life is better for knowing him. I am thankful this holiday season and everyday of my life that I have been fortunate enough to love someone truly. Not only to love, but to be loved back is the most wonderful feeling that words will never be able to describe.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

How Fortunate am I?

I am so fortunate. I have decided to blog about one thing a day that I am thankful for. I am thankful today for God. He is been so faithful to me. I can look back in my life and see him moving and guiding me. He has given me strength and courage to face really difficult situations and problems. No matter what I have been through. I have relied on my faith and belief system to carry me through. Taking all manipulation and falseness out, God is there. Just knowing that there is a creator out there who allowed me to live and experience what I have thus far is amazing. Just being able to see autumn come and see trees changing is pretty wonderful. Putting all doctrinal beliefs aside and just being thankful for Himby seeing the things that He has done is plenty enought to be thankful for.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


Had a good time today with the girls. We did theme pages on Thanksgiving for school. Fun stuff. They loved it. Tomorrow we will go to the Library and do a reading day. I am going to try to find the Cranberries Thanksgiving and some other books to on Thanksgiving. Then we have some holiday crafts to make and a Holiday Theme to write. It is cool to pass down those fun traditions during Holidays.

Had some pretty good stuff on clearance today at the Depot. Not stuff I would normally buy, but al ot of cheap stuff. I was unable to purchase stuff since I worked there. Evidently there is a manager descretion law at office depot. They ahd some sims games for 1. 00 and they had some jump start for 1:00 and warcraft game 1:00. Have some printers and laptops on Clearance. that is pretty much it. Have some dvd discs on sale. That makes for happy shoppers.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Get a Real Job!!!!

People who say housewives and mom don't have a real job need to keep my twin nieces that are 3 like I did today. I had 4 kids in the house. 9 year old, 7 year old, 2 3 year olds and a dog. IT was crazy. My anxiety came back. I even threw the yoga out the window. I don't think anything can prepare you to deal with that. Even thought it was hectic, it was nice keeping them. I love them so much and they are so inquisitive.

I love to cook. I cooked broccoli casserole and a yam casserole for dinner with Mac and cheese. It was mighty tasty. All is well, except I am ready to go to bed at 6:00. I have been up for over 12 hours that is a stretch for me. LOL.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I love attending cultural stimulating events. The girls and I went and saw Discover Dance prestented by Fine Arts in Birmingham at the Princess Theatre. Even though there were just kids dancing, it was pretty good. I enjoyed swan lake the best. Otherwise, I had a pretty bad day focussing on the things that I have tried to practice recently. I kind of was ill today. I could blame it on a lot of things, but it is my fault for losing focus of the simplicity of this life. Tomorrow is another day and I will try again.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Our new doggie, Mia Posted by Hello
See the itty bitty ducks Posted by Hello

Nice again to get out into nature

Taking Grandmother to the dr was a great thing. Afterwards, we went out and drove around the reid, west limestone, swan creek area. It was nice to get out and see the leaves changing colors and just get away from this BIG City we live in. It is big enough that is for sure. I got to thinking about how fortunate we are that we could drive 15min. - 1:00 away from decatur and get to nature. Some nice places away from it all that you can see many things and experience quietness, peace and many things. I am trying to do this at least once a week so my perspective on life is encouraged. We also went to a park across from Athens State College. There are a lot of ducks that fly in there . Usually we take them bread, but the bread thrift store was closed that we usually go to. So we just went an looked and the pretty ducks. It was all nice.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

People wonder why kids are so spoiled and disobedient

You go to work in retail in America and you will figure it out. Kids learn by example for the most part. They learn by someone's example. People that come through at work think that everything should go perfect and that they should not have to wait and that they should be waited on before anyone else. I don't get upset, I just apoligize and try to understand there frustration. Your attitude is reflection of your anticipation. If you expect all the consumers to be nice then you will definitely have a bad attitude because that is not reality. If you expect that you have some good and bad apples, then you can have a great day knowing that some people are just jerks and that you don't have to be like them. So next time, I go into a store, I am going to be more concious when my service sucks or when my order gets messed up because stuff happens and I as a true American don't have to be spoiled, and hateful, but in someway can spread God's love through someone else's imperfection.

Had a nice evening Friday with the hubby and some friends. It has been a long time since we just hung out at the house and just watched tv.

I weighed tonight and still haven't put on any more pounds suprisingly. I praise God for that, he has given me knowledge and helped me turn that into wisdom by truly learning moderation with food. My food addiction is totally in remission.I don't always eat healthy and work on that coninuosly, but for the most part, I eat in moderation and by learning that principle and trying to apply it in every aspect of my life, I will be a better person.

I wished that I would have found this peaceful place that I am in many years ago. I mean I have always been a happy go lucky person, but to work in retail and deal with selfish, hateful people and still be able to smile. IT is all because of my faith in God that I can feel the way I feel at this moment.

Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised in the city of our God, in the mountain of his holiness.Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth, is mount Zion, on the sides of the north, the city of the great King. God is known in her palaces for a refuge. For, lo, the kings were assembled, they passed by together They saw it, and so they marvelled; they were troubled, and hasted away. Fear took hold upon them there, and pain, as of a woman in travail. Thou breakest the ships of Tarshish with an east wind. As we have heard, so have we seen in the city of the LORD of hosts, in the city of our God: God will establish it for ever. Selah. We have thought of thy lovingkindness, O God, in the midst of thy temple. According to thy name, O God, so is thy praise unto the ends of the earth: thy right hand is full of righteousness. Let mount Zion rejoice, let the daughters of Judah be glad, because of thy judgments. Walk about Zion, and go round about her: tell the towers thereof. Mark ye well her bulwarks, consider her palaces; that ye may tell it to the generation following. For this God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death. Psalms 48.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Sharon!!! Where is the Alcohol?

We had Thanksgiving dinner after our homeschool classes today. I sat with several moms and we were talking about how we couldn't believe how our mom's used to let us watch grease (the movie), and movies like that. When one of the mom's told us her son did a great impression of Ozzie O. He came over to the table and she preceded to ask him to do the impersonation and he was a little bashful, but as he walked away from the table In the middle of the church we meet in which is a baptist church. He says in his Ozzie voice Sharon!!! Where is the alcohol? His mom's face turned a little red. She was only expecting him to say Sharon!! The added line cracked us all up. Then we started talking about SNL and one of the other moms said I am gumby dammit right there in the church. IT was so freakin funny. I about lost it. I thought that lunch was very entertaining.

I love teaching kids. It is so much fun. My pe classes on Thursdays is great. The kids whine sometimes about do I have to play and etc, but all in all they really want to and have fun when they participate. I have about 50 students in all. They are broke up into 4 classes. So the size of each class is pretty nice.

I actually got a nap today that was really nice. I guess that is why I am up at this moment. I got called into work for 3 hours tonight. That was cool. More monay to pay of debt. They gave us a free turkey for Thanksgiving it came with our checks.

Going to the lake tomorrow morning to help paint and check out the progress of mom and dad's house. Should be relaxing and fun.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Testing the real

Well had 2 people call in at work today. That meant I had to work the register by myself. I am not fully trained to operate such a contraption. It is more than just scan something and hitting total. I am required to do purchase orders, returns, exchanges, tax exempt stuff, etc amd answer the phone. So it is not will that be check, cash or charge. It discount cards and etc. Anyway, I could have had a worse night, but I put into practice somethings that I have been reading about lately and I have to say that they worked. I can't lie, At one point, I was a nervouse wreck it was a deer head lights moment. I had 3 people in line, 2 people on the phone and everyone was buys helping someone in the store. At that moment I decided to make a concious choice to breath and go to my quiet place and just relax. It really worked to just count to 10 and say hey I am just going to do what I can and the rest I will apologize for. I must say that my pleasantness to the customer while they waited helped the customer be calm to. I had one lady out of the 50-75 people I waited on get a little upset at me, but that was ok it wasn't like she slapped me she just said I could make you re wring that up and then give me my advantage discount, I said I can do that for you maam if you would like and she declined.

So the norm would have been me having a nervous breakdown, but I survived and did it with a happy relaxed positive attitude. All because I have determined with God's help that I am not going to let what I can't change effect me. I am going to do what I can and just say screw the rest in the most positive manner possible

Monday, November 08, 2004

Finding the real

the song below has some awesome lyrics. It is really where most of the peeps I hang out want, to find the real. I am hopefully hitting the surface of what will be the real for me. I read some more in another book tonight about some health issues that I am facing and how yoga can help. It is amazing that our health is effected by what we put in our bodies. If we get headaches, have rough womenly cycles, back aches it all points to diet, exercise, and stress.

With out further delay Here is the song enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find the real alterbridge!
Stuck in the middle I burrow insideBack to the cradleAway from the burdens of all my crimesBefore it’s fatalMy past has found me the truth’s come outAll is rememberedWith no place to fall but straight downI must surrenderWell it seems I’veFinally thought of everythingI wanna loveI wanna feelFind peaceFind the realThere’s a face I put on all my lifeThe face of an angelBut I look in the mirror only to findThe face of a strangerAnd with all I’ve taken I hunger for moreCause I’m selfishAnd all I’m left with is a crown of thornsAnd I’m helplessWell it seems I’veFinally thought of everythingI wanna loveI wanna feelFind peaceFind the realI’ll trade these lies for something rightI’ll kill what hurts with something pureI will be redeemed so I can breathe againWell it seems I’veFinally thought of everythingI wanna loveI wanna feelFind peaceFind the realWell it seems I’veFinally thought of everythingI wanna loveI wanna feelFind peaceFind the real

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Connecting with the lIfe Source

I love the book I am reading still. I read yesterday some, it was very inlighting. It discussed connecting to the world of nature and people around us. It is pretty amazing when we disconnect with our problems and focus on the reality of all living things around us. It seems our problems can become so small in view of the great life source around us. I know that so many times aI allow my focus to zoom into the inside of myself and I get so angry and upset and twisted that I about have an emotional breakdown. I am going to try to start focussing on the big picture and focus on getting intune with the harmony of life going on around me.

I also read how what is going on around me, my attitude and the thoughts that drive me effects how I carry myself . It effects how I physically feel. If I want to be mentally, emotionally, spirtually, and physically healthy, I have to lead a more postitive lifestyle. I can't throw my problems out the window, but when things get so overwhelming, I just need to stop and count to 10 and breath. And try to find a simple soulution to whatever is facing me.

This book reminds me of the 7 habits book. It is very powerful and uplifting.

I am so happy that we have added a new edition to our family today. Her name is Mia. She is a pug and she is very cute. She has finally settled in and is trying to sleep a little. It is amazing how demanding a dog can be.

Friday, November 05, 2004

The most stressful place on the planet....

has to be Walmart. I went grocery shopping in there. I tried not to get to stressed out, but it is impossible for me not to have a panic attack every time I go in there. My chest hurts, I can't breathe. I know how stressful it is to work there and that is why it is so stressful to shop there. It is all insane. I am glad that I work for a more relaxed company now. I love my new job so far.

While in Walmart, I ran in to reggie this guy that works there. He made a record and he is now selling them. I want to buy one just to be supportive to him because he had done this album on his own and he is selling it on his on. I am not to totally sure what type of music it is, but I am pretty sure it is r and b. I heard he can really sing well. The cost of the Album is 10. 00 if anyone is intrested in supporting an aritist that is doing things the right way.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

'SNL' auditions to become reality show

I read this article this morning. I would love to be on SNL. That would be like a dream come true. Even if it was just for one episode. HMMM. I will have to scheme away to get to one of those auditions. I wonder if they will let old people play. hmmm.

LOS ANGELES, California (Hollywood Reporter) -- The always fierce competition among comics to land a gig on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" is set to become the basis of a reality series for the network.
Sources said NBC is working on a reality-competition series fronted by "SNL" creator/executive producer Lorne Michaels. The project would chronicle a group of comedians vying for a grand prize that is believed to be a role on the long-running sketch comedy series.
Michaels is expected to play a Donald Trump-like role, winnowing the pool of contestants until a victor is selected. Sources indicated that the project is eyed for a possible summer launch. NBC declined comment.
Michaels got his taste of getting tough on reality series contestants in a "SNL" parody skit of NBC's reality hit "The Apprentice" last season, in which he took over Trump's role and "fired" cast member Jimmy Fallon.
NBC already has a track record in turning talent searches into a successful reality series with "Last Comic Standing."

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Hmm this could stem to a lot of topics, but I want to just focus on the one at hand. The election. I stayed up late to watch the results. I was not really concerned on who won, even though I did vote. I was more intrested in the educational side of things. the electoral college, popular vote, which states picked who etc.... It was very intresting to me.

It is sad that we have a country so divided. It doesn't look good to the rest of the world. Hopefully, ever who is declared the winner will focus on uniting our country. It is in my opinion the #1 priority. " A house divided against itself cannot stand." Jesus, Abraham Lincoln and others.

It is rainy here today. Makes me want to sleep all day, even though, I am not aloud. I have much to do. School work, house work, and a few errands.

I think the song for today is Rainy days and post election days always get me down. lol

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Busy Day

Yesterday was a busy day. It was nice after it was all over to just sit down and relax last night watch a little tv. IT was nice to be able to be at home and cook supper. It was nice to sit down and eat with the family. It is back to work tonight and Thursday. I like the job ok. I look to start working a little bit more after one of my managers asked me how many hours can you work in one week. So, we will see Thursday when the schedule comes out if I get to add another day. I wouldn't mind it really. 4 days a week would be a great thing. IT would allow me to make what I original wanted to with this job.

Can't skip over the election issue. I still don't know who I am going to vote for. I am really torn about what to do. I guess I wlll know when I go in the little booth. Maybe I will play one potato two potato two potato four. You really are getting the same thing, it is just packaged a little different. So We will see.