Sunday, October 07, 2007

What is happening?

That question mark is for David Hitt.

Great improv shows this weekend. I hope many more to come. We had some great stuff come from the weekend character wise. I had rehearsal again tonight for another gig that is coming up for a marriage conference this weekend. Also, I hope some movie work is coming my way soon. There are plenty of improv opps headed this way. It is amazing how you commit your way to Lord and he has your back. In all that you do, you just commit. I am still trying to really wrap my head around the book I have been reading by Tony Dungy. There is so much depth in the pages that he wrote. I had several moment there were I teared up. It is as I posted very much worth reading.


David said...

I'm flattered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HEWY said...

LOL! That's pretty cool.